White Night (The Dresden Files #9)

White Night (The Dresden Files #9)

Author: Jim Butcher

Updated time: 05-04-2020

Category: Fantasy, Mystery

Series: The Dresden Files

Status: Full

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White Night (The Dresden Files #9)

This time, when Harry Dresden gets a call from Murphy, it's off the record, because she has been demoted, things in SI are politically shaky, and the police have already declared a suicide. Once Harry gets a good look, though, the suicide is clearly a murder with magical intent. As he investigates, hoping as always to stop the killer before more die, evidence points to the worst possible suspect: his half brother. In another complicated case, there are a lot of very powerful players, and with the war between the White Council and the Red Court vampires, politics are played hard and fast. In tracking down the killer, Harry manages to catch the attention of the White Court vampires again, too...

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