The Wolven (The Keepers Trilogy #3)

The Wolven (The Keepers Trilogy #3)

Author: Deborah Leblanc

Updated time: 05-04-2020

Category: Fantasy, Romance

Series: The Keepers Trilogy

Status: Full

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The Wolven (The Keepers Trilogy #3)

Someone--or some"thing"--is systematically murdering the members of Danyon Stone's werewolf pack. As Alpha, he knows that finding and punishing the murderous entity is his responsibility, and he's not about to rest until he sees justice done. But to stop the slayings he has to accept help from the most unlikely source--a wickedly sensual "mortal" woman.Mystic-shop owner Shauna MacDonald has a special interest in the recent string of otherworldly deaths. As the Keeper of the werewolves, it's her duty to guard and protect the packs. Working by Danyon's side to stop an unknown killer--and trying to deny the potency of their illicit attraction--poses a threat to her heart unlike any she's ever known; and if she becomes the killer's next target, it could be the death of her....

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