Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1)

Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1)

Author: J.R. Rain

Updated time: 05-04-2020

Category: Fantasy, Mystery

Series: Vampire for Hire

Status: Full

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Moon Dance (Vampire for Hire #1)

Mother, wife, private investigator--and vampire. "I enjoyed MOON DANCE immensely. The protagonist, Samantha Moon, is a female vampire with a husband and children. Those predate her condition; six years ago she was attacked by a vampire and rendered into one. Now she's trying to carry on with family and private eye business, and she's a feisty, skilled person, so is doing mostly okay. But her husband has an increasing problem with her coldness-not of spirit, but of body. "You sicken me and scare the hell out of me," he tells her. "And when I touch you it's all I can do to not gag." She replies "Words every wife wants to hear." I love this! She really doesn't deserve to be frozen out of her marriage, yet his attitude is understandable. In the course of the novel she solves the mystery she is tackling for a client, and finds a new romantic interest. What makes it special are her character and nature." -Piers Anthony, bestselling author of Xanth

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