Lies in Blood (Dark Secrets #4)

Lies in Blood (Dark Secrets #4)

Author: A.M. Hudson

Updated time: 05-04-2020

Category: Fantasy, Romance

Series: Dark Secrets

Status: Full

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Lies in Blood (Dark Secrets #4)

The ashes of a dark past fall away, and a new sun rises in place—bringing light to a nation once thought lost to ancient secrets. All that has been done in pursuit of vengeance will be undone for peace, and an age-old agreement will finally be met.

At last, the child who became a queen will pave the way through the blood of others’ lies, and the betrayal on her soul will mark the beginning of a new future—one even she could not have predicted.

All the lies will finally come undone. All the truths will finally be out, but with the layers of deception shifting and evolving, so spawns a new secret Ara must carry alone—one she will fight to take to her grave.

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