Dead Night - Potters Secrets (Kiera Hudson Series Two #1.5)

Dead Night - Potters Secrets (Kiera Hudson Series Two #1.5)

Author: Tim O'Rourke

Updated time: 05-04-2020

Category: Fantasy

Series: Kiera Hudson Series Two

Status: Full

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Dead Night - Potter's Secrets (Kiera Hudson Series Two #1.5)

When Potter disappears from Hallowed Manor for twenty-four hours, he goes in search of the only person he thinks will be able to give him answers as to why the world has been pushed. That person is his first love, Sophie.

But Sophie has been pushed, too, and is running for her life. In a world where wolves live amongst humans, Potter must save Sophie while trying to search for answers.

During his search, he discovers that some things are best left secret.

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