Category: Fantasy

A World of New

"Because one can't simply fire a Novak..." Prepare to be sucked back in to the breathtaking new world of The Shade!

A Clan of Novaks

A new era has dawned for the Novak clan. An era in which The Shade has become such a fortress

A Bridge of Stars

The explosive finale of Ben and River's story!!!

A Flight of Souls

Expect the unexpected...The PENULTIMATE BOOK in Ben and River's story as we move toward the enthralling finale in Book 24.

A Fork of Paths

"That vial of potion may have given me life... But what kind of life is this?" As we gear up

A Vial of Life

The blue vial gifted by Arron may have granted Ben a reprieve from the Elders, but what is to become

A Hero of Realms

After the oracle's prediction of Ben's fate, what options does the Novak have left? Will he attempt to fight his

A Soldier of Shadows

"His time will come..." The vision Benjamin had of himself as an infant could hold the answers he desperately seeks.

A Trail of Echoes

"Something told me that after my weeks trapped in The Oasis, I hadn't even scratched the surface of what really

A Wind of Change

A new hero will rise...From the ruins of the final battle, a new hero has emerged. A hero who will

An End of Night

The thrilling finale of Rose & Caleb's series!Thanks to Mona's discovery, the residents of The Shade finally understand their enemies'

A Fall of Secrets

"A timeless barrier has been broken. Things will never be the same for the human world again..."A new dawn has

A Dawn of Strength

The people of The Shade are no strangers to storms.  But the army of black witches racing toward their shores

A Turn of Tides

"Annora is going to rue the day she ever messed with a Novak..."If Annora goes through with her treacherous plan,

A Shade of Doubt

"Love. It's a flickering flame. So easily swayed by doubt..." 
 Unwilling to even grant the two white witches a reception,

A Chase of Prey

"We need to discover what the twins have. Before it's too late."With a black witch hard on their heels, Caleb

A Spell of Time

"Tick tock. Tick tock..."Derek and Sofia return in the 10th book of A Shade of Vampire series!Time is slipping through

A Bond of Blood

Derek will rip Caleb's heart out the moment he lays eyes on him for what he's done.Rose is convinced that